2006 Yes Roadster 3.2

2006 Yes Roadster 3.2
2006 Yes Roadster 3.2 The new »YES! Roadster three.2« is the appropriate conceptual advancement of the YES! And sticks to its personal standards: pure using satisfaction.

A effective three.2-liter-V6-engine with 255 hp produces an uncompromising driving machine, one this is effective , vibrant in its performance and exceptional-charged with pasion. The end result is an inheritor honouring its legacy yet adopting trendsetting shapes and era. - simply a revolutionary evolution!

Compared to its predecesor, the new YES! Has grown substantially. Larger engines and an extended wheel base have led to extra over - grasp on the the front in addition to the rear leading to a more stretched and full of suspense look of the roadster. The wedge-formed ascending facet line and the racy accentuated wings within the the front and rear do remain THE placing attributes.

For the »YES! Roadster three.2 Turbo« the idea changed into taken one step further: an mainly evolved rear wing spoiler asures the important down pressure, to convey 355 HP accurately onto the stret.

The »YES Roadster 3.2 Turbo« is a driving gadget that relocates limits. The man or woman riding it has to be capable of accelerating 930 kg in three.9 seconds to 100 km/h. Manoeuvring it's far a balancing act between dominating and being ruled. The electricity is transferred unaltered onto the streets. This is what requires the Turbo's driving force utter attention. Rewarded with a completely unique and sensational feel of using. An revel in you may in no way forget.


The interior is the human-device interface. This is wherein the driving force takes the command, feels the direct contact to the street, navigates and controls the contraptions.

The excessive-electricity aluminium-space-body looks after the passive safety. Also, driver and passenger are blanketed by means of non-compulsory air bags if essential. High-fine substances combined with chrome and leather packages flip the indoors into a sporty cohesion. Optional gadget and add-ons, as an example the cutting-edge multimedia navigation machine and the three-manner sound gadget, offer extensive space for individualisati on.


With variable camshaft settings the renowned V6 four valve engine ready with 3,189 cm3 of engine displacement - within the evidently aspirated in addition to inside the faster version - combined with a max. Torque already at 2,001 1/min has absolutely an clean job with the 890 and 930 kg respectively of the »YES! Roadster 3.2« and »three.2 Turbo«. In doing so, the fuel consumpti on is only at 8,2 and nine,3 litre respectively on one hundred km in the so referred to as combined gasoline consumption.


A 6-pace-manual transmission or alternatively the five-velocity-computerized transmission (elective, simplest Roadster 3.2) together with a lengthwise build in powertrain contend with the strength transmission onto the rear wheels. A as an alternative low shifting attempt and specific, short moving travels allow fast and specific tools adjustments.

Chassis / axle / steering

Light double wishbones on the the front and rear axle, adopted from race use, provide in mixture with the adjustable spring and damper factors a excessive responsiveness and specific wheel steering (optionally available sports activities suspension). The steerage - being adjustable inside the vertical and within the longitudal axis - supports this by using its fingertip clean handling and direct set up.

Brakes / ABS

Ventilated brake discs at the the front axle in addition to at the rear axle offer a maximum deceleration and a well balanced braking electricity - also at some point of a non-stop run. The braking strength is transferred by four-piston fixed callipers onto the brake discs. The pedal pressure is transferred directly in favour of a superior pedal sense , optionally supported by using a multi-chanel ABS-device which is directly derived from racing.

Exhaust device

The exhaust gadget, inclusive of  exhaust pipes product of amazing steel, does not only launch a powerful and character sound via its two shape integrated pipe ends however also meets the worrying emision requirements (Euro four in Europe , Lev 1 within the U.S.). Optionally, you can obtain a stainless steel-model.


In adition to the usual high stage of passive safety , sizeable driver's and passenger's airbags are available for the »YES! Roadster three.2« and »3.2 Tur bo«. Just in case.

Top / hardtop

We need you to revel in it as frequently as possible: open using. Therefore, we've got additionally determined space within the »YES! Roadster three.2« and the »YES! Roadster 3.2 Turbo« to keep the familiar smooth to collect smooth top - made of »Sonnenlandstoff« - in the vehicle, by also additionally supplying area for a few weekend bags. Optional and mainly for the cold season is the brand new hardtop - without difficulty and speedy assembled the »YES! Roadster« turns into a coupe!